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    • 17144 Mill Rise Way LOS GATOS, CA 17144 Mill Rise Way, LOS GATOS, LOS GATOS, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $5,800,000 
    • 17689 Blackberry Hill Road LOS GATOS, CA 17689 Blackberry Hill Road, LOS GATOS, LOS GATOS, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $3,499,000 
    • 1274 Randol Avenue SAN JOSE, CA 1274 Randol Avenue, SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $2,790,000 
    • 2476 COTTLE Avenue San Jose, CA 2476 COTTLE Avenue, San Jose, San Jose, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $2,700,000 
    • 48329 Avalon Heights Terrace FREMONT, CA 48329 Avalon Heights Terrace, FREMONT, FREMONT, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $2,488,000 
    • 302 Cliff Drive APTOS, CA 302 Cliff Drive, APTOS, APTOS, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $2,099,000 
    • 15701 E Alta Vista Way SAN JOSE, CA 15701 E Alta Vista Way, SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $2,095,000 
    • 1113 3RD Street San Juan Bautista, CA 1113 3RD Street, San Juan Bautista, San Juan Bautista, CA Lot/Land/Land Planned Unit Development for sale. $1,998,000 
    • 1356 FRANKLIN Street Santa Clara, CA 1356 FRANKLIN Street, Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA Commercial/Commercial Property for sale. $1,750,000 
    • 6042 La Spezia Place SAN JOSE, CA 6042 La Spezia Place, SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $1,699,000 
    • 7205 Silver Lode Lane SAN JOSE, CA 7205 Silver Lode Lane, SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $1,698,000 
    • 625 POWDER HORN Court San Martin, CA 625 POWDER HORN Court, San Martin, San Martin, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $1,499,888 
    • 15175 CENTER Avenue San Martin, CA 15175 CENTER Avenue, San Martin, San Martin, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $1,489,000 
    • 436 Portofino Drive 204 SAN CARLOS, CA 436 Portofino Drive 204, SAN CARLOS, SAN CARLOS, CA Condo/Townhome/Townhouse for sale. $1,188,000 
    • 2494 Lost Oaks Drive SAN JOSE, CA 2494 Lost Oaks Drive, SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $1,148,000 
    • 1210 Spruance Street SAN JOSE, CA 1210 Spruance Street, SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $1,099,888 
    • 1117 Fleming Avenue SAN JOSE, CA 1117 Fleming Avenue, SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $1,098,800 
    • 3877 Sophist Drive SAN JOSE, CA 3877 Sophist Drive, SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $1,000,000 
    • 5733 Hillbright Circle SAN JOSE, CA 5733 Hillbright Circle, SAN JOSE, SAN JOSE, CA Single Family/Single Family Home for sale. $890,000 
    • 3189 Oak Leaf Ct Morgan Hill, CA 3189 Oak Leaf Ct, Morgan Hill, Morgan Hill, CA Single Family for sale. $856,000 
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    Here is a list of properties that I have sold.

    181 Ada Avenue 36, MOUNTAIN VIEW, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA Condo/Townhome/Townhouse sold.
    3 Bd / 2/1 Ba
    1535 sq. ft.,  2 Stories
    Listing #: 81451345
    181 ADA Avenue 26, Mountain View, Mountain View, CA Condo/Townhome/Townhouse sold.
    2 Bd / 2/1 Ba
    1206 sq. ft.
    Listing #: 81438121
    5006 REDSTONE Drive, San Jose, San Jose, CA Single Family/Single Family Home sold.
    Single Family/Single Family Home
    4 Bd / 2/0 Ba
    1166 sq. ft.
    Listing #: 81435893
    5123 ELESTER Drive, San Jose, San Jose, CA Single Family/Single Family Home sold.
    Single Family/Single Family Home
    3 Bd / 2/0 Ba
    1200 sq. ft.
    Listing #: 81434635
    6087 EMLYN Court, San Jose, San Jose, CA Single Family/Single Family Home sold.
    Single Family/Single Family Home
    3 Bd / 2/0 Ba
    1143 sq. ft.
    Listing #: 81427260
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    Before we met Lisa we knew we wanted to sell our home of 30 years. We didn't know where to start and because we had been burned by agents in the past, we were wary of them all. We called Lisa Thompson because she sold two houses in our neighborhood with lightening speed. We knew our home would be a real challenge to sell because it was on a busier street and needed a lot of work that we couldn't begin to afford.

    We met with Lisa and and told her why we wanted to sell but also how distrustful we were of real estate agents. She showed empathy, true dismay for her profession and promised that she wouldn't let us down, would get top dollar for our home and would "hold our hands" the whole way.

    She showed us how to fix our house to sell for the best price with no upfront money out of pocket. She had plans to improve the "sell-ability" of our house that were clear while showing respect for us and the home we had decorated. She even cared for us when our dog was hit by a car during the initial stage of readying our home and took all the burden off of us so we could care for our recovering pup.

    The result of our faith in Lisa? She sold our home before it even went to market, with no improvements and got us way more for it than we could have hoped for in our wildest dreams. 

    She called herself a full service agent. We call her a full service angel. 

    Bill & Jenni Renke


    My wife and I are so appreciative of Lisa's wonderful support in the selling of our home in the Cambrian area in San Jose, CA.  It was scary at first to let a real estate agent tell us how she had to change things in order to get top dollar for our property.  But once we let go and let her perform her “make-over” magic, she was so awesome!  We just had to trust what items that she said needed to be done to sell our home, the one my wife lived in all her life.  Lisa came in with her vendors and got things DONE!  We were able to sell our house in ONE day after being on the market with two back up buyers to boot and sold our home for over $56,000 over the asking price.  Now that's an agent that truly has the sellers in mind.  She literally did everything including coordinating and organizing our move to Arizona and finding a realtor in Arizona for the purchase of our new home.  She did a fantastic job and kept us informed along the way.  We have found a new friend and would highly recommend Lisa to whomever is looking for a professional, strong negotiator to handle their biggest investment of their life!  Thanks.  

     Jody and Lloyd


    Thank you for all your hard work in getting the house ready, putting it on the market, sorting through the offers, etc. It was a very big job and you managed it with great efficiency and attentiveness to me and my sister’s needs throughout the process.



    Lisa sold our home in the Carlton Ave area of 95124 for many $$$ over the asking price. She went out of her way by not only providing real estate advice, but also marketing the home aggressively. Lisa has an entire team of contacts from the local area who provide all of your needs from landscaping to contracting so that your house is in the best shape for the market.

    Ron & Kimberly Umbel


    We sold our house two years ago. In order to transfer our tax base we had to buy a replacement home within two years at a price not to exceed 10% of our selling price. This was a challenge in the present market of multiple offer and huge offers required over listing price. After many months of looking and putting in unsuccessful offers on many homes, we met Lisa at one of her open houses. We instantly connected with her and decided to change agents. It is the best move we could have made. Without Lisa we never would have made our deadline. Lisa is a go getter with tremendous negotiating skills and is very professional. She was able to find the perfect house for us, and worked her negotiating skills to make sure we got the house. This was quite a feat in this crazy market. Once the sale was complete, she continued to help us. We had a second termite report which found items that the first termite report missed. Lisa contacted the first termite company on our behalf and got them to pay for the termite treatments that they had missed. We fondly call her a pit bull as she just does not stop until her clients are completely satisfied. She returns calls quickly and is a very sincere, nice and moral person. We most unequivocally recommend Lisa for both buyers and sellers. You will love her.

    Jim and Marilyn


    We use Lisa as our buyer agent around early July 2013. For a family living in Pittsburgh to seek a house in San Jose area within very limited time due to relocation, we are lucky to have Lisa to purchase our house. Here are my feeling about her:

    * Very detail and responsive person. Lisa always takes notes to list all our questions and responds quickly day or night, weekdays or weekends. Lisa educated us a lot on the phone before we headed to San Jose for house hunting. This education is relative important since market are totally different in Pittsburgh and San Jose, with a preset baseline, we feel much better to accept the market reality here compares to Pittsburgh. 

     * Team work. Lisa has a great team to assist us go through whole process flawlessly from houses hunting, composing offer package to closing the house. 

     * Her negotiation skills is excellent. Without her market analysis and communication with seller agent, our offer might not be the one picked by seller. 

     Overall we are very happy to work with Lisa and her team. We would highly recommend her to everybody. 

     Thank you Lisa!!

     Jason & Flora




    Thank you so much for being so diligent and for all your support, patience and kindness.

    We''ve never seen so much professionalism and commitment during the last 15 years working for more than 35 companies in several different countries.

    We were so lucky to meet you and we hope to keep our relationship for the rest of our lives.

    Thanks again and kind regards,

    Plinio & Clarisse 



    Lisa did a wonderful job representing us in our recent home purchase.  She was helpful and patient throughout the home search process.  Lisa has excellent market knowledge.  She is friendly and personable, and goes above and beyond in her customer service.  Lisa is extremely professional, hard-working, responsive and experienced.   She has a great network of experienced professional that are able to assist with other home buying needs, such as inspectors, loan brokers and more.  She is very intelligent, providing great negotiation skills and is pro-active in making sure the transaction closes smoothly and timely.   Her broker service is outstanding, and we highly recommend her to anyone interested in purchasing or selling a home. 

    Tami & Dave



    We had relocated to South Bay from SoCal and was in search for the right home. We met Lisa during our house hunting one day at an open house. Like most people we were skeptical of agents who tried to show us homes on "their" list and not being truly honest with their intentions. That is why we initially shopped online with Zillow, Trulia and Redfin. We visited many open houses on our own and encountered bidding wars that seemed hopeless. When we met Lisa, she struck us as being sincere and a hardworking professional. She had the ability to connect with us without being pushy. With her knowledge of the market and sound advice, we knew that she was the right agent for us. The more we got to know her she proved to be the assertive, highly skilled professional we wanted on our side. Not only did she help us with a winning bid for our new home, she kept us updated during the entire purchase process. She referred us to a loan broker and had many other contacts for any necessary inspections and work to the house. When we had some challenges with closing escrow she worked dilligently even into the late hours to ensure everything was signed. We could not have been happier with her full service. She was extremely organized, patient and detailed in orchestrating every step from start to finish. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone buying or selling a home. Lisa is a rare individual who is ethical and has a high standard of integrity. She won't let you down!


    Anna & Justin







    I had an opportunity to utilize Lisa and her skills as a Real Estate Professional. 

    I couldn't be happier with the decision to have Lisa as our Agent. Lisa worked diligently on the purchase of our home. In fact, I feel Lisa went above and beyond the call of duty. I learned Lisa had pulled several strings to make the purchase of my home possible. I am very confident to say, without Lisa as my agent, we would not have the home we have today. 


    Don Waller





    My wife and I would like to publicly thank Lisa for being so diligent and for all her support, patience and kindness during our search, negotiation and purchasing process of our first place in the middle of a bidding war period. Before knowing Lisa I was outbid several times and lost dozens of deals in the SF Bay Area to investors and rich people offering more than one hundred thousand dollars in cash, above the listing price. Lisa helped us to track the right locations according to our requirements, streamline the whole purchasing process and offering the right price to close the deal and guess what? She even helped us with everything else after closing the deal, even during the referral and negotiation with contractors to make some improvements in our new place. During the last 15 years working in different countries within Europe, Latin America, Africa and North America, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people and Lisa is not only one of them but she is also one of the most professional and outstanding people that I’ve ever met. My wife and I were so lucky to meet Lisa and we hope to keep our relationship with her for the rest of our lives and we don’t even need to mention that when we have the opportunity to move on to another place, we will be asking Lisa to help us again.














    Posted on 2/7/2014